From the day we moved to the modern age, many professional groups have emerged, the purpose of which is to benefit humanity and to reach the goal in a short way. The professions established with the infrastructure of this are increasing with the technology. With the spread of mobile phones, a lot of content has emerged, games and programs, these programs help many people thanks to the application and its content, for example, Google Maps, this mobile application can show you directions, restaurants and fuel stations, taking into account your location, many important devices for the application. In addition, we need a code language to code this application. We can easily learn these languages ​​via the internet and master the code language.


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What is AndroidX

AndroidX is an application that makes it easy to write programs that can work on mobile devices. It is designed as a linux-based operating system. Even though it is open source, Google has closed some of the codes. Some of the languages ​​in which the program is written are Java, Python, C, Shell and other programming languages ​​that we have not heard of much, as well as Google and Open Released by the Handset Alliance on September 23, 2008

It can take the complexity of the JetPack library even if it is a part of it. It archives these AndroidX Jetpack libraries to places where we can find them easily and conveniently.

What is Android Jetpack and What It Does

Android Jetpack One of the conveniences brought by technology is the Android Jetpack library, this Jetpack tool allows us to make problems easily and programs with less ram capacity. This tool has become an indispensable program in recent years because it is a free open source software. There are many things you can do in this program, if only we could do it for mobile devices. The content of this is too much. These are the programs developed to make people’s daily life easier. These are the programs developed to make people’s daily life easier. In Jetpack libraries, you can either install a Messaging application and put emoji in it. it depends on your choice of choice Jetpack libraries have 89 unique libraries and the latest versions of these libraries are available on the websites

How to Learn Android Jetpack

We can learn Android Jetpack libraries in many ways, you can learn them from Youtube.com Android Jetpack can be coded with Java and you can make your programs Java program is an open source software made in 1995, and James Gosling designed this software, there are many programs using this coding language, followed by Python and Web programming. We can write the programs we want with Jetpack Java. We recommend you to think about this sector in our Career Plan. I wish you a Cyber ​​Day.

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