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Welcome to our article on Technology Architecture, where it shows its effect with the developing technology.
Nowadays, when people are productive architects, everyone can make their own architects in virtual environments with the development of technology.
 How did technology affect architects? The names of architects who know technology have survived until today as Technolog Architects.


Technologist Architect
Technologist Architect


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Technologist Architect

Technologist Architect Architects are briefly called architects who know how to use technology. The duty of these normal architects is to fulfill the wishes of the user since the beginning of the construction and receive training on this. However, the task of the technologist Architect is different. He throws the 3D model to the user and does his job without much dialogue. Compared to normal architects, the architects who have a lot of dialogue with people are ahead.

What is Architecture

Architecture is a profession group that has existed since ancient times, meeting the sheltering needs of human beings.
•Interior architects decorate the building with appropriate colors and appropriate items in order to create an aesthetic space and present them to the user.
•External architect is authorized to design shopping malls, buildings and other spaces that are capable of making all designs.


Technology experts are in the infrastructure of large companies, data control, server security.
Today, there are many data companies that determine the needs of computers and take care of many things that I cannot give examples. subjected to cyber attacks by hackers.
In the attack on Hosting company in 2019, the site hosting 50 thousand sites was seized by hackers
Hackers are thought to have accessed a lot of credit card information.


Instructional Technologies

Today, many technologies have emerged and will continue to emerge with the development of technology. There is no end to this development, but it is very difficult because a novice student does not know where to start. Technology comes to our aid again. With the advent of the Internet, the information in the books and educational articles were transferred to the Internet. After this transfer, many students who have received education or people with advanced experience in the sector provide education via the Internet. websites are available. All we have to do is look at the tutorial video of whatever you need your search engine to do.

For example: when we write a blender tutorial, there are many training videos and its alternatives.


Although architecture is a profession that is widely used until today, with the development of technology and the concept of decoration and aesthetics, Technologist architech has emerged and with its emergence, a new branch has emerged in the branch of architecture. It has become very easy to learn something from the Internet, as students who need it go to the Internet to learn and discover.

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