Being a Good Designer

Being a Good Designer

One of the major reasons why technology is present in many important areas today is its user-oriented user-friendly designs, thanks to UX and GUI designers. In today’s article, I will briefly explain the details of the entire design world to you.

What Is GUI Design

Talking about the formation process of GUi and UX fields, which are known as an area of ​​expertise that is closely related

to designers. Will provide you with information about the subject. GUi as a word meaning
It stands for Graphical User Interface. It is based on providing users with easier and faster access. An interface design is required to present the Algorithm, Code lines prepared on the back-end side to the user. If the connection between Backend and Frontend is weak in successful projects, the probability of success of the project will decrease and it will decrease its quality. Gui design has become a sector

Being a Good Designer
Being a Good Designer

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where innovative and modern ideas are expected to be exhibited, and newer interface designs will affect the user even more positively.

Let’s explain the importance of Gui designs as follows: In the first years of computers, the number of people who could use a computer was very less compared to today, because it consisted of only code lines and code knowledge was required for giving commands. The reason was that most people did not have this knowledge in the period when it was necessary to know the code, but today, even children who do not have the knowledge at a very young age can exhibit a basic level of use without difficulty. The idea that even a child should be able to use the interfaces became a great principle of the Designer. Thanks to this idea, the acceleration of the development process of technology is an important factor that cannot be ignored.

What is UX Design

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, the working moments of UX designers, which is one of the biggest factors in the success of Gui designers, work a little differently than Gui designers. The reason is this
Considering how users will react to a finished interface design, evaluating the feedback, positive thoughts, negative thoughts and suggestions makes the designers in this profession a big factor in success. Since evaluating the feedback will increase the success of the project, it is possible to have information about the problems by carefully analyzing the evaluations that this profession will say.

Gui Design Jobs

Gui design has an important position in the software world as much as a software developer. An interface designer works in coordination with the software developer to create successful projects. One of the important points of being a Gui designer is; Original Projects, Modern Designs, etc., such as Other Design fields. Doing successful works in the fields will provide great benefits in the career of the person.

UX Design Jobs

UX designers play a major role in creating higher quality projects, by establishing a link between the public and the Designer UX designers. generally work in an organized manner like Gui designers, so it is of great importance in producing both user-friendly and modern quality projects.
Gui and Ux Salary
Gui and UX designers have many factors in terms of earnings. The fact that designers are generally an advanced person in terms of their reputation in the sector and Portfolio becomes even more important and easier for that person to get a job. In this case, his presence in a beneficial project for the benefit of society plays an important role in terms of his future career.

Gui and Ux Intership

The fact that Gui and Ux designers are knowledgeable in terms of learning processes and internship periods and expanding their vision with new perspectives plays an important role in creating a good reputation with original projects in the future, and it is seen as an important quality element that visionary individuals create their own original projects by examining their projects.

Gui and Ux SUMMARY

It consists of two different areas as Gui and UX design. Gui design literally means Graphical User Interface. It combines the codes written by the backend software developers with the graphical interface to contribute to the use of the users. In this way, giving a command through the interface instead of giving a command on the code line means an easier user experience.
UX design, on the other hand, describes the bond between the designer and the user. It monitors users’ feedback and aims to increase the user experience by changing inappropriate Design details.

Thank you for reading our article, we wish you a Cyber ​​Day

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