What is a Computer Engineer

Computer Engineering In Great Demand Today

Dear Technoclerk readers, in today’s article, I will explain in my article about Computer Engineering, which many people will prefer in the field of Engineering. I will answer the questions of the candidates of Computer Engineers in my article. Good reading.

What is a Computer Engineer

The field of Computer Engineering started to emerge in the periods when the computer started to become widespread after the production of the computer. It has emerged since the first computer was produced. The first computer was produced by Charles Babbage in 1945. From this date on, the social perception of the computer concept took even longer.



The purpose of producing the computer was that the complex work done by people took longer and was created with more cost, but these works were made available with less time and less cost with computers. A computer engineer aims to solve the problems that may occur with more knowledge and competence than the use of personal users, to establish new systems and to increase the stability of these systems. If you are aiming to be an Engineer you do not need any advanced Computer requirements and advanced requirements. Let me answer the details about Computer Engineering in the following questions.

Computer Engineering Fields

I mentioned that Computer Engineering is a broad field. I will explain these Computer Engineering fields in the Following Items.

  • Cloud Systems
  • Cyber Security
  • Automation Systems
  • Network Related Installations
  • Medical Fields
  • Artificaial intelligence

In the areas I have given above, there can be increase and decrease, specialization areas related to the sub-branches of these areas can be created and work can be done.

Computer Engineer Salaries

It is not possible to keep the Salary of Computer Engineers in a certain number scale. It is not possible for people to develop themselves in this field, to stand out from other people, and to receive higher wages professionally. There are a lot of people who do not study Computer Engineering in this sector. People who want to learn software are generally not required to graduate from a software-related department. Nowadays, when the Internet and education are developing, getting training with the Various Platforms tool is now very easy both in terms of cost and in the field of transportation, so if we need to question the Salary of a Computer Engineer, the following items have an important place.

  • Experience in the Industry
  • Number of Languages Known
  • References
  • Trainings Received
  • Position and Working Conditions in the Institution

The items I listed above are a big factor in determining the Salary of Computer Engineers.

Difference Between Computer Engineer and Software Engineer

I had the opportunity to explain Computer Engineers in the titles I wrote above. As I explained in these Titles, one of the big differences between Computer Engineers and Software Engineers is among the interests of Software Engineers, most of them do not receive an education in Hardware, but they make great progress in terms of Software. Computer Engineers, on the other hand, do not receive training in software as much as software engineers, since they have a hardware knowledge. For this reason, it is appropriate for people to choose according to their interests. In today’s article, I shared my knowledge about Computer Engineers with you. Have a nice read.

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