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Cyber ​​Security

This is Cyber Security As far as the meaning of words Cyber Security in Cyberspace “real security in an environment without physically” means. Cyber ​​Security has become an even more important element with the widespread cyber environments today. Today, it has been observed as a result of research that people who spend a long time in this environment do not consider and care about many aspects of security. In this article about Cyber ​​Security, which draws more attention with the widespread use of personal data by malicious people and usage for malicious purposes, we will convey it to you, our valued users, in detail.

Cyber ​​Security
Cyber ​​Security

What is Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​Security is a term that emerged in the development process of electronic devices. This term, which has become more widespread with the Internet, aims to protect the Security and privacy of people in the cyber world. It aims to enable users who consciously pay attention to the basic information about Cyber ​​Security to avoid a great risk and to be in a safer circulation. The fact that many users roam by paying attention to this information prevents both personal and social security vulnerabilities and offers a safer environment. The websites we visit, the applications we use, our e-mail accounts, and the environment we interact with provide many benefits and we need to consider them in terms of not causing harm.


Cyber Security and Related Entities

If I need to explain the basic elements of our security, it would be healthier to examine it from 2 sides. First, the Authorities providing the Environment , and the Individual User second .

Authorities Providing the Environment

They are responsible for providing security vulnerabilities and data security of various Social Sharing platforms and Web sites. It has become an important factor to test the security vulnerabilities that may occur on the website and to close these vulnerabilities. If the vulnerabilities are not closed or detected, larger vulnerabilities may occur and can negatively affect users, so large companies have launched an application called Hall Of Fame , thus making it easier to find security vulnerabilities.

The protection of Data Security, on the other hand, is that there is a certain vulnerability in many platforms and data leaks from this vulnerability usually cause great repercussions on the media side. The data, user information, passwords and similar details are used for malicious purposes by accessing the database by unauthorized persons. For this reason, the protection and security of data is of great importance.

Individual Users

More vulnerabilities occur as a result of individual users not paying attention to some details. The fact that users create various vulnerabilities has directed malicious people to this area and caused them to receive more attacks. Trojan- related Mails, Messages, Files and more virus content directed at users helped them create Data Security breaches more easily. For example, if a Trojan file is actively used and takes control of the system, all data and files are accessed and other files are injected with trojans , affecting the people around them and interacting with them. For this reason, it is recommended to use Antivirus programs in order to benefit more from the security vulnerabilities of individual users. It provides great benefits in terms of detecting larger problems and details immediately and closing the problems . The use of anti-virus programs with helpful advanced databases will be a beneficial move both personally and socially.


Hall OF FAME What

Hall OF Fame means .  The Hall of Fame is the situation where people who find the security vulnerabilities of the Website are shared on the Official Website in order to be appreciated . Hall O F FEMA also for the people to certain rewards and recognition are presented so that both sites would be closed safest vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can occur in a short period closed. Through this system can receive income and Merits of Open seeking cyber security expert and also provides great benefits in terms of reference.

In today’s article, we talked about the basic elements of Cyber ​​Security, the situations that a conscious user should pay attention to, and the harmful factors and scenarios that may occur in the formation of a risky situation, I hope that knowledgeable individuals are formed and a Safer Cyber ​​World stage can be passed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Cyber ​​Security

Personal Cyber ​​Security consists of elements related to the security of devices that people use personally. It is the set of problems that may occur if people use it unconsciously or do not take security measures. As we mentioned in the article above, we have conveyed the details about people’s own security, I hope you like it.

Summary Cyber ​​Security

The meaning of Cyber ​​Security is the Devices we use, that is, the information about the security elements of the devices we use in the Cyber ​​World. Malicious people can take advantage of the vulnerabilities related to the personal security of individuals and events such as information leakage may occur. You can find this answer in more detail in our article above.

Login Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​Security As the word meaning , it is the section where we convey detailed information about the Security of People in the Cyber World . In this section, it conveys information aimed at increasing security and providing a safer Use .

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