What is OpenSource

Long live Open Source

What is OpenSource

The word open source has been used for many years. Open Source as a word means Source, Repository, etc., made available to everyone. It has meanings and aims to bring the resources that people pay a certain price and use to the society free of charge.
The progress of open source software without breaking a certain line has been the common point and building block of Open Source Software. If this line is broken, the License of the Software now goes beyond the General Public License and requires a different operation.
If there is an operating system base that forms the basis of a great integrity and formation of Open Source Codes and provides the development of Open Source software, tools, plugins, the room is Linux. Thanks to Linux, it has made it easier for Open source software to rise in an even more comfortable position and come to the fore. As I will explain about the basics of Linux, it can be explained as the Linux Kernel Structure as the largest open source software, since it follows the policies of open source software on the basis of Linux. This operating system, which has given priority to development, has also pioneered other operating systems. Other operating systems that use the Kernel build of THIS operating system are called Distributions of Linux. The Linux Kernel Structure, which is the main provider of these distributions, has an even older history structure.



What is Open Source
What is Open Source

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The operating system, which is called the ancestor of the Linux operating systems, is a system consisting of only lines of code, as the ancestor of the operating systems on our Unix computers. Any Graphics, animations, menus were not used in a visual way, but only as a line of Code created by Texts. The ease of the new operating systems has now eliminated the difficulty of many individuals using a computer. The fact that the people who used computers were few in the past has now turned into the number of people who cannot use computers.

Linux Open Source

Linux operating system does not mean anything as a word, but as a special name.
Named. This operating system, which came out after the Unix operating system, aims to be used by many people. When Linux first came out, this software, which only appealed to the developer team and the programmers, started to rise to a more global position. The mass of people working in Platform Programming and similar fields has now started to appeal to home users with the support of Various Gaming Platforms. This operating system, which is now in use by all kits, has made Open Source software even more prominent. Thanks to this Operating system, which is one of the largest Open Source Operating Systems, it has played a major role in its rise on a global scale. The Basic Policies of Linux, the biggest Open Source software, are as follows.
• It continues to be developed by many software developers thanks to Open Source Code.
• Penguin Logo is used as the mascot.
• By sharing Open Source Codes on various platforms, it is aimed to create even higher quality and larger works by making new additions.
• No Payment Is Usually Mandatory For Downloading
• Providing financial and moral support to the project is important for the Open Source Code World.
Open Source software examples
Examples of Open Source Coded software can be given if necessary, You can easily access various applications in the form of Open Source Code. I will mention a few Open Source Programs in Linux Operating Systems and Other Operating Systems in the List Below
• Design Programs: Krita,Gimp
• Modeling Programs: Blender
• Office Programs: Open Office
Many additions and deletions can be made to the programs I mentioned above, but not limited to the above programs.

Open Source Advantages

I have mentioned the advantages of Open Source Operating Systems in the titles above, but I do not mention it under another title, I think it will contribute to people and our users who are interested in Open Source Code.
• Fewer bugs and bugs because the programs are supported by so many people.
• They are free.
• Engaging in projects for the benefit of society will put you ahead in your career planning and CV.
• You can access all codes.

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