Solving Computer Slowdown Problems 2021

Solving Computer Slowdown Problems 2021

Computer Slowdown Problem

Computer Slowdown Issues on Today, with the developing technology, high-featured Machines, Computers and Electronic devices are produced. These devices occur after a certain period of time and are usually seen by computers and systems with hard disks. These slowdown problems are getting annoying by many home users and professional users. In today’s article, we will examine these problems in this article under the name of Computer Slowdown Problems. I will inform you, valuable users , about the reasons and solutions for the computer to create such problems, and I will support the solution of the problems that occur in your systems.

Why Do Computers Slow Down?

Sometimes our systems that are too slow make us worry Computers are programmed to find the desired data in a large file archive, run it, and fulfill the user’s requests by overwriting the data with new data . Communication and other problems can be the source of the problem in computer parts that try to retrieve data from such a large file directory as soon as possible.


Solving Computer Slowdown Problems 2021
Solving Computer Slowdown Problems 2021

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Hard Disk

Hard drives, which are the largest and most sensitive parts of computers, have a very sensitive structure due to their working principles. These devices are responsible for the permanent storage of the system’s data by processing the data on a specific disk. It continues rapidly in the development process of hard disks Years ago , hard disks with a capacity of 20 Gigabytes were in a very large position, but now memory cards with a capacity of 1 TB are considered as a normal situation. Since the hard disks are sensitive in nature, it is most likely seen as the source of the problem in the system slowdown problems .

You can have information about whether the device has a problem with the Tests in the following items.

  • The heating of the hard disk is one of the factors that may prevent its full performance, so it is useful to check the temperature values ​​​​of the hard disk.
  • Damage or error in the cells on the hard disk is called Bad Sector. Reading the data in the cells where the Bad Sector is formed can be slow or unreadable, so it plays an important role in making a health test on our hard disk, making a significant progress on the problem.
  • Doing a disk defragmentation allows us to bring together the scattered and unused data on our device for a more optimized usage and faster reaction time. You can do this by using the Tool in the tools section of the operating system you are using.
  • It is necessary to measure the Write and Read speeds of the hard disk with intermediary programs. This test will explain to you the source of the problem in the stable operation of the operating system.


The purpose of producing the rams is known to work for long hours and not cause much trouble. These devices can be used for many years without any problems, so they are unlikely to be the source of problems, but since there is a possibility of problems, you can test the Small Ram memories on the Rams by using the Ram test programs and understand if there is a possible problem.


Solving Computer Slowdown Problems 2021
Solving Computer Slowdown Problems 2021

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It is common for operating systems to experience slowdowns after a period of time, because processed file remnants reduce disk performance and increase response time. Resetting operating systems after a certain period of time is recommended.


Solution Options

In case of a problem with the Hard Disk

If you question the items I have given above in the system , the results will provide you with information about the problem . If there is a Bad Sector formed on your hard disk, we are sorry that the Hard Disk will begin to expire and it is time to back up your data . It is usual for the device to have low read and write speeds in hard disks due to its technology. Unlike hard disks called SSD ( Solid State Drive ), which is seen as a new technology to increase the speed of reading and writing, using a Hard disk consisting of memory chips that do not contain mechanical parts causes a great increase in speed and durability. However, we should point out that these devices are offered at very high prices compared to hard drives.


In case of a problem with the operating system

Re-installing the operating system will be the permanent and best method for you, but if you want to solve it in another way, it tries to make the system regain its stable values ​​by deleting the unnecessary in various Registry, Cache and similar resources.


In case there is a problem with the ram

If it is understood that there is a problem with the ram, the problem is usually solved by replacing the rams. If different methods are desired, repairing the damaged memory chip can be attempted, but this is unlikely.


In today’s article, I talked about hardware that can cause Slowdown and Optimization problems, which are a big problem of our computers. I wish you a problem-free day.

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