What is Computer Virus

Enemy of computers

What is Computer Virus?

Enemy of computers The structure created to ensure that the security vulnerabilities that occur in terms of the working principles of our technological devices in every home today are used for profit is called a virus.
Viruses have become a major problem for Computers, which emerged after the manufacture and spread of Computers. The purpose of production is the data, process, etc. of the devices. Data theft by limiting their transactions or transferring them to another lotion aims to obtain processing power by informal methods. Protecting data security for home users and large servers is of great importance. In the event of a potential vulnerability, the data obtained can be used by malicious people for malicious purposes in exchange for various benefits. Data downloaded to our computer from an external and unofficial source is more likely to have a virus. The probability of it being malware is very low as official publishers are tested with many factors in terms of protection and testing.

What is a Virus?

Virus can be defined as a word meaning and medically as an unwanted substance in the system that has the potential to harm the system. Viruses have become more widespread with the developments in computers and the widespread use of the internet and have entered the formation of a large virus population. These viruses, which cause great damage to operating systems, vary according to the prevalence of the operating systems used. For example, the fact that Linux is used by a lesser audience than other operating systems explains the reason why there are fewer viruses produced. See you at the bottom of our topic called How the Virus Works.

What is Computer Virus
What is Computer Virus

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How Does the Virus Work?

As I explained in our title called What is a Virus, I explained the formation and sheltering conditions of viruses, and in this title, I will create an explanation about how it works and under which conditions it cannot work. In order for viruses to work actively, if they are on the hard disk of the computer and if any Antivirus or a different program interferes with its authorizations and working methods, the Virus will not work fully. Viruses infiltrate to a location on the computer or the system’s hard disk with a file or a different way as their working principle, then a command or automatically starts to work in the system, then it starts to work effectively depending on the type and purpose of the virus. For example, when a mining virus starts to be found on the computer, problems such as high processor usage and video card usage occur. This virus runs on active computers with a whole virus population and continues mining, also known as mining, beneficially.

How to Know It’s a Virus?

One of the general complaints of people who suspect that there is a virus in a system consists of loss of performance in the system and stable problems in the system. This is the reason why many users suspect a Virus. When a possible virus is found in the system, it is not a sure expectation that the system will slow down or lose performance. In other words, not all system viruses slow down the system or show any specific symptoms. For this reason, being a conscious user and using it in a state of constant attention is one of the great reasons for keeping the system safe. Mail Security ensures that the system is maintained in a healthy way by the conscious use of knowledgeable people in cases such as the security of downloaded files.



How to Clean Viruses?

After the most common understanding of viruses, usually basic users scan all file directories with their antivirus programs and compare the file identified as suspicious in the database with the matching files in the searches and complete the detection process. In this way, it is aimed to provide good protection thanks to an active Antivirus program. The other type, that is, advanced users, can find a way to control the publishers of the files they have recently downloaded. However, in terms of being a healthier and guaranteed way
It is preferable to use virus programs. See you in our topic about how to understand that it is a virus.

What is a Virus in Brief

Viruses are components that occur with the emergence of computers and threaten security. To briefly explain the definition of the virus, it aims to keep away from the system and protect the components that are damaged or that may cause harm. Thanks to a conscious user and Antivirus programs to scan and protect viruses, we can become a conscious user in the system and create safer devices.
In today’s article, we have examined the viruses, which are the biggest enemies of our devices and which can pose great dangers to our systems, I hope you liked my article. We wish you a Cyber ​​Day.

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